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Elvis Has Left the Building


Someone here started calling Solid Edge ST “Elvis”. I got an email last week that “Elvis has left the building”, referring to the release of our new product to manufacturing.

Solid Edge ST does have a lot in common with Elvis. Solid Edge ST was born just down the road from where Elvis was born. Elvis made a huge impact in music with his form of “Rockabilly”, the fusion of some great music ideas added to his own personal style. Sold Edge ST will make an impact in the CAD world because if its own unique style. Elvis was flashy. If you’ve watched the videos of Solid Edge ST or seen the effort marketing has put into this release, you’d probably agree Solid Edge ST is flashy too. Elvis’s unique way of doing music was controversial at first. Getting rid of the history tree in CAD is controversial too.

Perhaps the biggest keys to the success of Elvis were his talent and his fans. I know there are some talented people that worked on Solid Edge ST, so come see “Elvis” live and maybe you will become a fan too!

BTW, Solid Edge ST, English, is now available for download at:


It will be interesting to see if Siemens marketing can get SolidWorks, Inventor and Pro/E users to move to Solid Edge with S/T, which is a product that has far better technology for dealing with imported solid models. I don’t believe this will happen without a trade in program and without Siemens spending a ton of money on marketing. UGS was horrible at marketing. The jury is still out on Siemens. I think we will know very quickly is Siemens is prepared to do what it takes to win market share from the products I already mentioned.

Jon Banquer

San Diego,CA


I think you are right, Jon.  Solid Edge has some new technology that the others don’t.  Plus, that same technology makes it much easier to bring in and reuse data from other CAD systems.

I don’t work in marketing or sales but given we have a way to really differenciate ourselves, I’d certainly expect them to take advantage of this. As you said, we will soon see how that goes.

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SolidWorks has aggressive marketing. Now they are fighting with our Synchronous Technology with the help of Instant3D & Move Face. I heard false opinions that SW had our technology before us. I am trying to explain the difference at every chance.

Now how I am looking at “what`s new” of the competition I can see our sensors, BOM in assembly, cross breaks, lip & groove…

I think, that implementing Synchronous Technology we proved one more time that we had the brighter future on the market.

I don’t like marketing - but I know how it is important. I prefer substantive discussion amongst engineers working to the CAD.

Tomasz Jeczarek

Warsaw, Poland