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Enter The Scorpion




A lot of companies use code words for projects or upcoming products. Even if it’s not a secret you have to have something to call it and picking a name that is related to product may cause problems later. For example, I’ve seen more than one project where development has one name, marketing comes up with something later and the comments in the code get all messed up.

So, what you want to do is pick a name that is unrelated to the product. Scorpion was the code name for the upcoming Solid Edge Simulation product that’s going to be delivered with ST2. It brings FEA analysis to the Solid Edge designer and creates a framework for more to come.

Sometimes these product names can be fun. I had no shortage of cool scorpion images for power point slides. In one of our buildings in Pune, India, the offices are named after zodiac signs. I’d usually grab the Scorpio one for any meetings (we should have made it a War Room). One developer caught me at the coffee pot one day and asked, “So, are you going to sting the competition?” We had a lot of bad jokes like that too.

Now I don’t think the high end analysis products are particularly worried about Solid Edge Simulation. All we are doing in offering some mid range FEA tools for static analysis, modal and buckling with parts, sheet metal and assemblies. It is much more than “Femap Express” but if you are doing high end analysis you are better off with Femap and NX Nastran.

Where our sting will be is with ease of use and the level of integration. UI in CAD and FEA is a very hard thing to do (just check out all the blogs on it!) It’s made harder for engineers and CAD designers who may only do a little CAE each day or week or month. If you are a user of mid-range FEA or want to start using it in your Solid Edge environment, you really should take a look at what we have done.

Oh, and one last point… this bug has legs (yes, I know, another bad joke). We are already thinking about what to add next.

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I do love the idea of making appropriate CAE tools available (and more importantly enticing enough to be used) for generalist, Joe-Sixpack Design Engineers.

Very curious to know if one of the legs you might add will be of the CFD flavor? Maybe some lite version of Maya HTT?


So what is next?  We have some ideas but the list is still very dynamic and customer driven (meaning I’d love real world examples from customers telling me what problems they want to solve grin  )

CFD is some cool technology. I wonder how many customers want it.