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Femap becomes easier, better, and faster – see how…

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Community Manager

Today we announced Femap 10.2, the latest version of our Femap software.

Femap 10.2 focuses on three main areas: easier modeling processes, better simulation capabilities, and faster performance.

The highlights:

-          More geometry manipulation and meshing capabilities have been packed into the Meshing Toolbox. There are two new toolboxes – Geometry Editing and Mesh Surface – and a new Feature Editing capability.

-          Postprocessing enhancements that include much faster output data processing performance, beam postprocessing enhancements (including contours on cross sections), and a new Postprocessing Toolbox, which just like all the other toolboxes, works interactively.

-          A brand new topology optimization capability – you start off with a basic design area model, apply loads and constraints, and it suggests an initial design – very useful for conceptual designing and re-designing.

-          Support for many general Nastran and NX Nastran items, including one of NX Nastran’s latest additions – edge to face glued contact.

-          Lots of customer driven enhancements, such as a fast frequency response analysis inside Femap, dynamic clipping plane… and much more.

You can see more about this in the video below, and on the Femap website.

Femap 10.2 demos

Femap 10.2 website