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The wraps on Synchronous Technology continue to fall away.  It started with a test drive station that was opened up for users at Siemens PLM Connection last week in Orlando that I did a short video of.  Now there are sneak peeks going on around the world for interested parties.  Scott got to sit in on one of these and posted his thoughts over on his blog (what is a harangue exactly anyway?).  From the comment stream on Matt's post from a few days ago, it's pretty clear that the conversation isn't going to move along much until people can get their hands on it.  Glad it won't be long - I think most will be pleasantly surprised, even with all the 'hype'.

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<rant on>

Buy a dictionary.  Keep it at your desk.  And USE IT!

<rant off>

Actually, a diatribe is a better definition for my rants and musings, but that title was already taken so I ran through the thesaurus to find something similar.  Thankfully, Mr. Webster does a great job finding just the right word for any situation.

ha*rangue (he - rang): n. 1. A long, bombastic speech. 2. A tirade.

That’s right.  When you come to my blog, expect me to be standing on my soap box getting incredibly long winded over topics I feel passionate about.

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