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HD-PLM Technology Framework Launched at Expo 2010 Shanghai China

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

As I previously mentioned, Siemens PLM Software launched its HD-PLM Technology Framework at Expo 2010 Shanghai China with a press event and product demonstrations. This was an ideal venue for addressing the globalization demands that manufacturing and process industry companies are facing today.

HD-PLM is based on four basic tenets that define how the technology framework will help users make better decisions faster so they can spend more time innovating.

  • PERSONALIZE – Personalize the users’ experience by recognizing who they are and actively presenting them with only the information they need to perform their tasks.

  • ASSIST – Assist users proactively to make collaborative decisions, by aggregating, analyzing and monitoring information, notifying them when action is required and suggesting collaborators to aid in their decision making.

  • CLARIFY – Clarify the users’ understanding by presenting “rich” information in the most intuitive way and enabling them to navigate to associated data from different disciplines and sources.

  • VALIDATE – Validate user decisions against best practices, by applying analytical techniques to assess alternatives and capturing decision-making best practices for future reference.

Here are some highlights from the event:

Dr Helmuth Ludwig
Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, President of Siemens PLM Software introduced “Siemens PLM Software’s Strategic Vision”.  Here he unveils the HD-PLM key messages to the audience

Dr. Chris Holmes
Dr. Chris Holmes from IDC, delivered his presentation on “Revitalizing Product Lifecycle Decision Making”

Chuck Grindstaff Technology Demonstration
Chuck Grindstaff our EVP Products and Chief Technology Officer,  formally announced the launch of the HD-PLM Technology Framework

Eric Sterling VP marketing
Eric Sterling the Sr VP Global Marketing, joined Chuck for the technology demonstration

Mr. Hamatani Masahide on Product Development Vision
Mr. Hamatani Masahide from Canon on “Product Development Vision”

Joan Hirsch on key features of NX7
Joan Hirsch our VP Product Design Solutions highlighted the key features of NX7

We are the world 3D Demo
Group visit to Siemens Showcase in EXPO site: We Are the World. Key messages on HD-PLM and NX7 are reinforced during the networking session.

Siemens is contributing technology to infrastructure projects that are making the Expo an overall su....

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Valued Contributor

Nice to see that NX is well recieved in China. However closer to home where tons of our manufacturing jobs have been lost to China I have a relevant question from both NX and SE users to Siemens.

  When is Siemens going to get behind it’s US user base and start aggressively selling the software we use by name thereby creating recogntion and market share increase for what we use and as a result increased employment opportunities. We don’t use “Siemens” we use NX or SE for a living for example and these really bad ads that don’t draw anyones attention are a waste of time. Focused market oriented ads would be appropriate and as loyal subscribers we deserve no less than the respect SWX and ADSK show their customers by providing not only software but INCREASED EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES with productive marketing. Is it any wonder that SWX does not fear their competition from Siemens?

  I am so tired of seeing that stupid golf club and I find it hard to take people like Helmut seriously when it seems that the concern is only to get the latest out the door and the heck with the user base.

  In 2005 Affuso and Boes stood before the SE users at their convention and promised that SE was not going to have to sell itself any more. What of significance has changed since then? I see a company that is so parsimonious with it’s ad budget that they prefer to sell Siemens as a logo or corporation and not any of it’s software products by name. Please identify just ONE current or past ad in the last two years that actualy starts off with NX or SE as the header instead of Siemens. I have seen some from VARS that understand this but not Siemens.

  Let me make something clear here. It is a two way street between users and sellers and if the sellers don’t do their jobs why should we users stay.

Siemens Legend


Thanks for the comment.  Below is a response from Eric Sterling our Senior Vice-President for Global Marketing:

Dave, thanks for your comment. I want you to know that we take your comments, and all constructive criticism in various forums, seriously. You may not know, but I recently became the senior vice president of Global Marketing for Siemens PLM Software, and one of my missions is to ensure the voice of our customers are heard throughout our company. I appreciate your passion and we will take this, and all input, into account as we continue to look for new ways to maximize our market penetration and perception.

Valued Contributor

I hope for a change in the situation and would further say that I am working to change the situation as I want the software I choose to use with my money to have better value to my future. I would say however according to past history that I have either personaly read in internet article archives or from long time users that these promises have been heard before.

  For example from the Ten Links Cad website. I referenced this in my first letter but I think it is worth looking at in verbatim.

“UGS Calls on Marketing to Put Solid Edge in the Lead

An interview with UGS VP Bruce Boes, who thinks other products getting more credit than Solid Edge is just plain unfair

by Roopinder Tara, Editor, TenLinks, October 7, 2005

Bruce Boes, VP UGS Velocity Series Marketing

TenLinks tracked down Bruce Boes, VP UGS Velocity Series Marketing, at the recent Solid Edge user conference. Despite running the show, Bruce made time to talk to us. (For a report on the user conference, see “Solid Edge Seeks Spotlight”)

Bruce has been with UGS for 3 years. UGS has shown growth in each quarter of the last 3 years. Bruce is too modest to make the connection. You see, Bruce is more of a company man. He’ll devote most of our time together convincing me that Solid Edge is the best (SolidWorks and Inventor be damned) and that UGS is a great company. “What do you expect, I’m in marketing,” he says with a smile.

UGS Not Content to Let Products Sell Themselves

I talked with Bruce after Tony Affuso, president and CEO of UGS, had put him on the spot. Tony had told all assembled (600 estimated) Solid Edge users, vendors, etc., that UGS was not going to depend on the product selling itself, as it had in the past—they were now going to market the product! That put the ball solidly in Bruce’s court. “

  In another more recent article by Deelip Menezes.

  “News Alert – Siemens PLM Bags Contract Worth $1.5 Million

April 23rd, 2010

Siemens PLM Software has announced that SCM Group, a manufacturer of woodworking machinery and systems, has selected Teamcenter for its PLM system. Also Solid Edge will be replacing the company’s existing CAD system. The last time something like this happened I asked Siemens PR what the old CAD system was. I received a reply saying that they would get back to me but never did. So this time I am not going to bother asking. Getting through to Siemens PLM PR people can sometimes be quite frustrating.

I could not help but notice that the entire press release was about Teamcenter. Solid Edge was mentioned just once. It seemed almost because they felt that they had to mention it. I wonder if it would be the same if NX had replaced SCM Group’s existing CAD system.

Oh, and by the way. The contract is said to be valued more than $1.5 million.”

  Now this is how the marketing effort for SE is percieved my Deelip Menezes one of the most prolific and well read bloggers in the cad world.

  We hear the things said by Siemens and UGS but remember that it is judged by the yardstick of actions taken and not words spoken, Sadly I find in correspondence with other SE and NX users and with cad users/bloggers of other competeing softwares that Deelips opinion is the one you invariably hear RE Siemens/UGS. Don’t just take my word for this do your own research and see what you find. Get out there and ask questions, I mean Siemens is interested in how their products are percieved aren’t they???     

  It is best to just not talk at all about how things are going to change and “we are listening” if that is not truly going to be the future course of action. People remember these things and they are not well recieved if indeed the grand promises are not buttressed by real actions. It is the cynicism of current long time users that got me digging into just what is the history here and so far as I can see they are justified in their beliefs.

  By the way did you notice the attendance numbers for SE in 2005? Last year it was 37 at PLM World and I wonder if this is a subtle hint that something besides just the economy is not right?

  In my opinion the only reason SE and NX are not absolute leaders in volume of sales, name recognition and employment opportunities is because the only people who can make it this way refuse to do so. I am not talking PLM here I am talking CAD which is the backbone and creative foundation PLM works off of. CAD stands on it’s own and PLM most certainly does not and is an adjunct to cad and totaly dependent upon it. You want to drive more PLM sales then sell more cad, pretty simple formula I should think.

    I bought SE because I believe that it is the best mid range MCAD program out there and I just wish that the company that owns it would start acting like they do to.