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Helmuth Ludwig on Productivity

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Also today, Dr. Helmuth Ludwig, our president, shared his thoughts on productivity in this economy. He discussed key drivers of optimization:

  • Reducing cost
  • Increasing productivity
  • Increasing quality
  • Removing waste and non-value processes
  • Optimizing product portfolio

He also shared some research results on waste from MIT’s Lean Advancement Initiative, where they still find 77% waste and only 12% in value-add activities.

He gave a customer example which happened to be Siemens itself as it looks to increase productivity with an integrated PLM-IT toolset to unify product and production platforms.

His challenge to our customers was to be champions of change in their organizations.

I asked what feedback he has gotten from our customers the past two days and he said he was impressed with the positive feedback on the power in our toolset.