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How the Use of CAE Helps Manufacturers Meet Stringent Design Standards

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As well as dealing with competitive pressures, manufacturing companies often have to make sure that their designs comply with technical specifications and design standards. In the case of GleisFrei, manufacturer of railway equipment and rolling stock based in Villimpenta near Mantua in Italy, the governing standards for their industry recently became more stringent. Interestingly, the new standards recommended the use of analysis software over traditional analysis methods for the railway car frame structures. This prompted the company to investigate suitable CAE software solutions, eventually selecting Femap with NX Nastran.

GleisFrei Railway Car Analysis


As well as helping to prove their designs, the CAE software implementation also showed some existing designs to be oversized giving rise to potential material savings. In the design of a new generation of cars, GleisFrei intend to start using Femap earlier in the design process to optimize the design and maximize cost savings.

To find out more read the GleisFrei case study.


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