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If necessity is the mother of invention, who is the father?

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The famous saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention, but I've always felt that experimentation is the father.  We are trying lots of experiments these days at Siemens PLM Software.  The launch of this blog last week, the simulcast of a launch presentation in Second Life later today and this new form of news release this morning.  This new form of release is supposed to do two things:

  1. Provide a platform to tell a richer story.  You'll see links, pictures, videos, feeds and other sites - all in addition to the core facts of what we are announcing.  All of these are materials we usually develop for each release, but this format makes it much easier to find it all in one place.
  2. Provide a more 'atomized' view of the news. This should make it easier for anyone writing a story or just trying to figure out what the news is to get right to the real meat of the story.

If you want more info on the history of this form of release, check out the post that started it all, or take a look at the group who is championing the use of this form of release.  So now comes your part: in order for this experiment to yield any results we have to know if this form is easier to read, tells a richer story and if you are a writer (blog or otherwise) if it's easier to use, so please leave a comment here or on the release itself.

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I guess you could say I’m a ‘coal-face’ designer - frequently, stuff that I design is manufactured within days or even hours, and tested in the field (or down the mine!) immediately. If something breaks, it frequently shows up in my office (literally) in the hands of a Customer ... who, understandably, wants a reliable solution there and then to fix the problem. I see enormous potential in Synchronous Technology IF it supports & enhances my day-to-day workflows. No doubt I am going to have to rethink some of those, and I’m certainly going to have to re-write “Rick’s Rules for Robustness” finally wink

I’d love to see some Customer-submitted models put to the test in a ‘real world’ scenario to prove that Synchronous Technology isn’t just smoke and mirrors ... how about it? To those of us at the coal-face, nothing would give ST greater cred than seeing it pass unrehearsed tests on ‘real’ parts.

Community Manager

Rick - thanks for the comment.  The best place to get your models is Laura Watson (laura dot watson at siemens dot com), she is running our beta program and will take any and all real world models she can get her hands on.