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Inspiring Future Engineers With Greenpower

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

One of the interesting STEM projects we’re involved with is Greenpower. It is a design-make-race challenge to encourage students of all ages to consider a STEM career.

It is a compelling challenge for a number of reasons. One it links education with industry through real-world design-build projects. Two it spans all levels of academia from primary grades to university. Third it is focused on green technology through electric vehicles to develop future engineers with a sustainability focus.

At Solid Edge University, I talked with Mike Brown to get a little more detail on how Solid Edge is a part of the project. Mike points out that the young folks involved with these programs are engineers:

“These kids actually push the technology. They’re trying to squeeze every single increase of speed.”

Mike also points out:
“You’re not speaking to a student. You’re actually speaking to an engineer. Smaller and younger but an engineer.”

For more, check out images from the most recent Greenpower challenge at Silverstone and watch this overview video

You can learn more about our STEM initiatives. Stay tuned – I have a few more interviews to share soon on a USA entry into Greenpower.

-        Dora
Siemens Valued Contributor
Now I know why my dream of becoming a movie star never worked out. I look like death warmed up. In my defence I'd had very little sleep for two days straight.
Great content though; Solid Edge and Greenpower is making a real difference and helping inspire the next generation of engineers.
Community Manager
Mike, sorry I had the "death warmed over" video filter in effect ;-). Next time we'll try audio! Thanks for all you do to make the Greenpower program a success.