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John Devitry on Synchronous Technology at PLM Connection

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Talking with John Devitry made me want to go back to school. He is the CAD administrator and professor at Utah State University's Space Dynamics lab. He is so passionate about teaching and encouraging students to think big. In his presentation at PLM Connection, he shared a SLA model of the 3D image above along with some pretty amazing student projects.

USU teaches 250 students each year on synchronous technology. John is a big fan of synchronous technology in Solid Edge and NX because of the time it saves in the classroom.  He said:

"we can explore far more concepts...i couldn't get to all this cool stuff because we had all these key concepts to go over. But with synchronous technology, it's opened my class so i have 20-30-40% more time to go over cool things."

John said that cool factor is important to keep students engaged so they are excited about engineering and complete the degree. Below is our video interview and his slides from PLM Connection.

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Great video Dora & John! Just wanted people to know that you can also read more about Space Dynamics Labs success with Solid Edge and Synchronous Technology by reading the case study:

Hi John

Great to see your presentation and see that you are still around and as enthusiastic as ever. We met at a SE 3.5 course in Seattle and I still remember your Stump Preacher. Keep up the good work.