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NAFEMS 'Analysis Needs' Survey

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Siemens Dreamer

For those of you not familiar with NAFEMS, it is the premier, global, non-profit organization that brings together the communities and individuals who engage in the practice of engineering modeling, simulation and analysis.

With the goal of better understanding current and future technology trends in the analysis and simulation world, NAFEMS has teamed up with some of the software industry's top vendors (including Siemens PLM Software) to architect, and deploy a comprehensive survey on this topic.  Results of the survey are intended to influence the direction of engineering and PLM software in the future.  The notion is that if vendors can better comprehend current needs, as well as anticipate future ones, they can then develop software that better responds to those needs.

So, if you are someone who uses or supervises the use of simulation and analysis software, I encourage you to impact the future of these software products by taking the Analysis Needs Survey.

As a thank you for participating in the survey, NAFEMS will provide early access to the survey results, to all those who participate.