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NX Flow for CFD

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Remi Duquette, Director of Business Development for Maya Heat Transfer Technologies, presented last week at PLM Connection on NX’s integrated CFD capability.  CFD is used to predict the flow of air, gases, or other fluids and liquids around or through any engineering product assembly. Analyzing the flow patterns and pressure regulation of fluid within an automotive transmission cooling system or the flow of air within an HVAC system for cabin thermal comfort are two typical examples of NX Flow applications.
Below is an example of CFD analysis with NX Flow, it shows how a user is able to identify the air volume with a single click.  This delivers dramatic productivity improvements over traditonal modeling methods.

I recently sat down with Remi to discuss the challenges in Simulation and CFD.

Remi discusses the challenges faced by engineers, and how NX is enabling engineers to rapidly iterate through design changes and what-if scenarios for complex CFD analysis.


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