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NX Mailbag: NX Student Edition for Windows and Mac OS

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

In today’s NX mailbag topic we will look at one of our most popular blog posts.   The NX Student Edition.

Q:  Is there a version of NX CAD available for students to use, and what platforms are supported?

A:  In January 2010, we announced the NX Student Edition. At that time we delivered NX 6 on Windows only.   I am happy to announce that we have updated the software for NX7.5.

In addition, we provide you with multiple options:

  • Your choice of operating systems;  Microsoft Windows , or Mac OS

  • Localization in 7 languages (English, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French and German )

NX Student Edition has most of the design features and capabilities of the retail version however, it does not include CAE or CAM functionality.

The NX Student Edition is available  through a specialist academic reseller, JourneyEd, and is listed on their websites, which include:
JourneyEd –
Academic Superstore –

Note for NX on Mac OS: NX for Mac OS is a native Mac OS application. However, we do not use the standard Mac OS user interface, we use the X11/Motif User interface.