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NX8.5 -- What's new in Synchronous Technology

by Siemens Legend Siemens Legend on ‎09-06-2012 09:02 PM


In 2008, Siemens PLM software announced Synchronous Technology.   We knew that NX6 Synchronous Technology would be an important addition to the NX toolbox. But we also knew that it had the potential to grow and be even more productive, for more users over time.

NX8.5 is our fifth release of Synchronous Technology improvements. In this release, we have improved Synchronous Technology in 4 key areas:

Improved problem area detection – Allowing you to create robust models the first time with less model repair
Delete partial face improvements – Giving you more control over your geometry
Notch Blends – Making it easier to add intelligence to your history-free data
Improved control over “step face” and “move face” – provides you more options for creating complex geometry

Here is a short video featuring Mike Rebrukh – CAD Product manager explaining some of these features.

We have more video’s featuring our product managers. Stay tuned for more.