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New NX 8 Help and Videos

Siemens Legend Siemens Legend
Siemens Legend

With NX8, the NX Help system has a new interface that makes it easier for you to find information and browse content.

Some of the key enhancements are:

  • Search performance is improved.

  • Search filtering gives you control to search in specific areas of NX.

  • Help is reorganized to make navigation more logical, to increase the relevancy of search results, and to make search filtering more specific.

  • Breadcrumb links are available on each page to help you keep track of your location. ( A table of contents is still available, but is not displayed by default. )

  • Links to all related information are displayed on the right side. Links are organized by information type under different headings.

  • And my favorite enhancement; the video examples included with the Help now include voice-over narration. This narration provides important information about the steps being demonstrated. For each video, you can use the options on the play bar to display closed caption text or to mute the narration.

Following is a video from NX Help:

Be sure to click on the red CC button, to see the caption text.

Would you like to see more NX help videos?  Let me know if you'd like me to post more of them.


Siemens Creator
It's always good to see helpful hints and tips. I'm looking forward to learning NX8 in my new position so the more help videos the better for me!