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Phil Combs of Belcan at Innovation Leadership Summit

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Community Manager

On Stage_Phil Combs, President of Belcan Corporation's Avdvanced Engineering & Technology Division
Phil Combs, president of Belcan Corporation, presented at our Innovation Leadership Summit this week. He shared how Belcan brings value to its global customers with PLM. Phil has worked with Siemens PLM for a long time but more extensively in the past five years.

Check out Phil's video summary where he notes:

"All our global customers have global competitors. They expect their service providers such as Belcan to constantly bring more value to them. Along with the recovery of economy, we really need to do more with less through collaboration."

Phil ended his presentation noting: "Never leave the room without a stack of business cards!" The audience burst out laughing. He noted later in the video: "The network of this event is incredible...whether the networking chances result in a purchase order or not, it is a great opportunity to meet a lot of  great people."

- Report from Branco Liu