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Roving Reporting at PLM Connection EMEA

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Community Manager


A few of us are at PLM Connection EMEA in France this week to provide some DIY blogging. If you see something on the agenda you’d like to know more about, just leave us a comment.

My fellow blogger Markus Erlmann is here representing Tecnomatix. And we’ll be joined by a newcomer to our blog but someone many of our customers know well – Nik Pakvasa. Nik is joining our blog team to represent Teamcenter and PLM-related issues. I’ll let him tell you a little more about himself in his first post.


So stay tuned tomorrow through Wednesday as we cover some interesting speakers that will be taking this stage, including keynote speaker and European astronaut Hans Schlegel who will share his space flight experience on shuttle Atlantis. Check out this video of him.

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