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SDC Verifier at the 2013 Femap Symposium

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Community Manager

In a previous blog, I talked about an application that has been built on top of Femap to help verify structures in accordance with required building and safety standards – SDC Verifier (SDC standing for Structural Design Codes). If you attend the Femap Symposium, you’ll have a chance to find out more about this application as SDC Verifier will be exhibiting and presenting there.

SDC Verifier at the Femap Symposium

SDC Verifier helps to check the safety of a structure by performing various checks in accordance with numerous standards. In so doing, SDC Verifier helps to make structures safe and avoid the kind of catastrophe mentioned in another of my blogs about structural failure of a tower crane.

The Femap Symposium is being held at the Cincinnati Marriott at RiverCenter, Covington, Kentucky on June 26 and 27th. Register now to secure your place at this exciting event and find out more about SDC Verifier.


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