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Siemens big role at the 2011 GMA Executive Conference

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

The annual GMA (Grocery Manufacturers Association) Executive Conference is approaching August 20 in Colorado Springs, Colorado and we are excited about the prominent role Siemens is playing at this event.  Siemens is a lead sponsor, and is contributing to the content of the conference as well, including:

  • Eric Spiegel, President and CEO of Siemens Corporation, introducing Chairman’s address keynote speaker, Michael Eisner (former Disney CEO).

  • Eric Spiegel presenting and moderating on a sustainability panel entitled, “Practical industry strategies for a sustainable future”.  He will be joined by Cargill CEO Greg Page and Kroger CEO David Dillon.  Basically, this discussion will be a CEO’s view on sustainability.

I’ll be posting on this blog in the weeks before, during, and after the GMA Executive Conference.  So stay tuned!

For additional information on how Siemens creates sustainable value for Food & Beverage manufacturers, from new product innovation, to efficient, cost effective, quality production see the following brochure and white paper: 

Create sustainable value brochure

Sustainable New Product Innovation with PLM Software White Paper

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I can not wait to hear more about this information event for the food and beverage industry. I have no doubt that the session will help raise the bar for sustainable practice.