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Solid Edge ST2 Keynote




The Keynote for Solid Edge was given by Dan Staples with Mark Thompson on drums (doing the demos). Dan hit a lot of points which I can’t do justice to with a quick blog post. I did capture a few notes on some things that were demoed (ask to see them when the sales folks or your VAR comes calling grin )

The first part of the presentation was on some enhancements to ST for the latest release. Here are a few that were mentioned:

Sketch based features
Chamfers recomputed like rounds
External threads
Reorder rounds
Hole Alignment
3D polygon
Migrating 2D dimension into 3D
Live Sections
Live Rules enhancements with more feedback.

The second part was on the implementation of synchronous technology in the sheet metal environment. This was one of the big focus areas for ST2. A demo or getting your hands on ST2 is really the only way to appreciate how this works. Beyond creation and modification of sheet metal designs, Dan brought up a few other points:

Patterning has been optimized (carries thru to part too)
Specific live rules exist for sheet metal
Transform supplier parts into SE
All operations work equally well on imported models.

For the last point, Mark brought in parts from several competitors modifying the parts with synchronous technology so that they can work together.

The third part Dan discussed was Solid Edge Simulation. It is a designer focused application built into the Solid Edge application. It benefits from the existing Simens “high power” tools of Femap and NX Nastran. Mark demonstrated the new UI showing its integration into Solid Edge and the much larger breadth of functionality relative to Femap Express (now called Simulation Express to be consistent across the products).

The last part Dan addressed in the SharePoint and TeamCenter integration. Dan discussed how data management in important but that many designers just want to get their job done. So things like save and open are integrated into Solid Edge so the user really doesn’t have to really know he is working with a data management tool. For Sharepoint, Dan felt the latest version was a big step forward for Microsoft.

Finally, Dan finished with a number of other miscellaneous enhancements. There were roughly 500 unique customer enhancement requests addressed in ST2.

A few details I know are big for some people include:

2D polygons
Additional flattening tools for Sheetmetal.
New detail views in Draft
Part list overhaul.

I’ve missed a lot of details on Solid Edge ST enhancements. Did I even cover 10 of the 500 above customer requests? Be sure to check back for more details as they become available.

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Thanks for the summary.  I hated missing the conference this year and I’m keeping an eye on this blog for updates.  Is there anywhere else I can follow the activities at the conference?



Hi David,

Glad it is useful for you. Along with the Siemens PLM blog, you can find a number of people twittering at the conference.  You can start by looking at this link which collects together all “tweets” that use the #plmconx tag:

This won’t catch all tweets but you can at least find out who is there.

You can also watch the PLM World blog at this address:

You may see some customers blogs show up here soon.