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Solid Edge Student Edition

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Students at Polytechnical College of San Sebastian (Spain) designed and fabricated a prototype of a 125cc racing motorcycle using Solid Edge

Everywhere you look in the last couple weeks, you see back to school "stuff". Commercials, news stories, the Sunday circulars, etc. It's that time of year where your children (or you) are educated; grow to learn new skills. We've decided to make it easier for engineering students to learn how to use CAD by announcing the Solid Edge Student Edition - for free - to students of all ages. Yep, I said FREE!

This announcement is part of a strategic and ongoing investment in education as part of our GOPLM program. Siemens PLM is developing a comprehensive academic intiative to meet the needs of industry, initially focusing on Solid Edge but expanding to include other products in our protfolio. By providing the Solid Edge Student Edition free of charge, we aim to increase the number and quality of engineering graduates entering the workforce.

Here's the down and dirty info:

  • Register - please use a legit email so we can send you the license file

  • Check your email for the 12 month license file (just a warning, there could be up to 5 minute wait for this email)

  • Download Solid Edge (Our tests are showing this takes about 20 minutes)

  • Design better!

PS - The student license is incompatible with the commerical version of Solid Edge.

We're still in the middle of rolling out Solid Edge ST4 in all languages which means the Solid Edge Student Edition is available today in English, French, Russian, Spanish and Simplified Chinese. The remaining languages - German, Korean, Italian, Traditional Chinese and Japanese - be be available in the coming weeks.

We're not just letting students download the software and leave them hanging. We provide links to tutorials and other on-line media, and grant access to a dedicated forum that will allow collaboration with other students around the world! We will periodically email technical productivity tips to help further increase proficiency.

If you or your child are interested in learning how to use Solid Edge, go download the Student Edition today!

Read the official Press Release

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This is the first good move that the new Solid Edge management in the US has made. Too bad it took so long for this to happen. It should of happened a long, long time ago. Better late than never.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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I'm so glad to see Siemens stepping up and making Solid Edge available to more people because there are so many who only know of SE's competitors. Though this should have been done long ago, it's especially beneficial now with synchronous technology and its maturation in ST3.
Community Admin
Jon and Brian - thank you for your comments. This initiative could not have come to fruition unless it included training, forums and other ways to build a community focused on students. A simple download of the software was not an option. In working on this program, I have seen a tremendous amount of support from the highest levels of management inside Siemens PLM and from our Channel; two key stakeholders that will make this successful. And just to clarify, the Student Edition IS based on ST4. I'm looking forward to hearing from the students on their use of it, which I am working on for future blog posts. Thanks again!

Susan, I agree that it takes a complete program but there is no way it should it have taken this long to put one together. Now that it's finally together lets hope that senior Solid Edge ST marketing management in the US doesn't screw it up like they have screwed up everything else they've touched in regards to Solid Edge ST.

This program needs to be advertised by Siemens and supported by the entire Solid Edge community in every way possible. This is how you start building the user base not buy coddling and begging SolidWorks Fog Bloggers to try Solid Edge ST and write books about it.

This program will work if Siemens puts the money behind it and the small Solid Edge user community that now exists supports it. If I see this support I will devote a page to this program on my blog.

I see this as a program as fresh start to what has been a US based marketing nightmare for Solid Edge ST

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA