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Solid Edge Summit Update


Solid Edge Summit

As I write this, we have some dueling Solid Edge Summits going on in Alabama and Toronto.  The top leaders for the Solid Edge organization have been traveling north America teaming up with some of the top technical Solid Edge users with the goal of helping customers boost their productivity.

Right now, I’m watching Bill McClure demo some of the new functionality coming in ST3 although he says most our time will be focused on what customers are using today.  Dan Staples and Karsten Newbury are in Toronto about our hour ahead. While Bill and Dan talk, Karsten and I are doing a bit of tweeting using the twitter hashtag #SESUMMIT.

We are about ½ through these Summits with attendance growing. We had over 200 people at the two summits in Canada the last couple days.  I think part of this is because word is getting out that this isn’t some marketing show but something meant to give those that attend an edge in design efficiency ( I almost said, “… a solid edge in design efficiency” but that might kill the point ).

If anyone is reading this that already attended, feel free to comment on usefulness. My saying it is valuable for your and your company is fine but I’m sure most people would like to hear from real customers. Or, log into the Solid Edge forums and see what people are saying there.

P.S. Next stops are:

Gears Esteemed Contributor
Mark, definitely a very useful session. I and a handful of user attended the Summit in Kansas City and I had just heard this morning that we had some folks attend the Huntsville Summit. I think it was a real eye opener for our attendees to see the Synchronous Modeling sessions, especially the one on the Steering Wheel usage. The ST3 updates were great to see and the Tips and Tricks are always a great thing because you always leave that session learning a few things you didn't know. And dare I say how valuable it is to talk directly to the Solid Edge development folks! Definetly a worthwhile trip (we traveled 4 hours to get there for both Summits) and I hope that they are held again in the future.

Siemens Dreamer
Hello Mark,

It's quite amazing user group meeting to go over 17 cities in the USA. looks really a long journey but we need to learn more details so as to replicate it in our Asia Pacific zone next year.We're planning to have over 20 stops in 9 different countries by next Q3 with corporate executives and R&D folks.
I believe those best practice from USA to cleare up all our exisitng cusotmers' enquires and curiosity about our Products,Technogy Enhancements and Case studies in the globe. See you soon in APAC !