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Stephen Samuel on Design and NX at PLM Connection

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Community Manager

Steve Samuel of Design Visionaries always provides a dynamic NX session at PLM Connection. I caught up with him after his presentation for some highlights and to hear more about the NX 7.5 book he is publishing shortly. He shares his favorite new feature in NX 7.5.

Be sure to check out all the free NX tech tip videos on his website.

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This video really shows that Mr. Samuel has a unique style of presentation that makes me believe I could do anything in NX with his teaching.

I would love to hear Mr. Samuel describe how he feels about the new ST surfacing tools in NX 7.5 and if he truly believes they represent the future of surfacing. Also, what the new ST surfacing tools / approach currently lacks. I'd like to read another interview with Mr Samuel as this one leaves me wanting to here more... much more.

Finally, I've been an outspoken critic of how bad I think Siemens does with marketing their CADCAM products. I wonder if Siemens realizes how good a resource they have with Mr. Samuel and why Siemens is not paying him big bucks to be an NX evangelist. God only knows Siemens needs all the help they can get in this area.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
Community Manager
Jon, thanks for commenting. I've sent your comment here and on the YouTube channel on to Steve for a response.

We have heard your criticism before and take it constructively. We do appreciate folks like Steve who are very passionate about our products without being paid to be so.


No doubt about it, I'm very, very angry with the job Siemens had done so far with the marketing of all their CADCAM products.

I'm beyond sick and tired of having the shops I work at use inferior cobbled together junk instead of CADCAM products that have the kind of superior thought out software development that NX, NX CAM Express and Solid Edge with ST have.

Here are a few examples of what I mean by Siemens horrible marketing:

No one in the shops I have worked for at least the last five years even knows what NX or Solid Edge is, yet they all know what SolidWorks and Mastercam are.

Ever community college that I know of in California teaches Mastercam and SolidWorks. Even the NTMA School in California uses Mastercam.

In addition to what amounts to a marketing fiasco by Siemens, Solid Edge with ST badly needs its own fully integrated CAM that makes use of the Solid Edge with ST user interface and should not have to make do with another interface like NX CAM Express has.

Siemens need to commit serious money to getting their CADCAM products into schools and institutions that teach CADCAM and this starts with recognizing how their competitors accomplished this and then finding a way to convince schools, institutions and users that better CADCAM products are worth teaching and using even if they aren't the most popular. It would be a hell of a lot easier to do this if Siemens took off the gloves and made direct comparisons with inferior products rather than having a policy of don't knock the competition.

Jon Banquer
San Diego, CA
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Have you by any chance ever googled Jon Banquer? I ask because he almost single handedly brought down alt.machines.cnc newgroup with his rantings. Google my name and his to get a feel for what I am referring to. He also posts under lots of false names, even using other users names with a very slight twist, so people will be fooled. On the Rhino newgroup he was calling himself NotYourUncleBob, a reference to Bob McNeel the founder of McNeel Associates, the Rhino guys. Ever a gentleman Bob never engaged him, even though he was clearly trying to damage his reputation. After some particularly egregious representations I have called him out a couple of times. He then has gone off on me literally for weeks, several times a day. I don't get involved in flame wars, so I never respond to his rantings no matter how bad they get. The old sticks and stones you know? Anyway, quotes from Jon will get get you painted in a certain way, and it won't do your reputation any good. Check for yourself.

Best Regards,

Gary H. Lucas
Solid Edge and Rhino user
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About NX 7.5 ST surfacing:

The guy who’s up to his ears in alligators may loose sight that his original job was to drain the swamp. In the same way it is easy when solid modeling to get caught up in the capabilities, functions, and features, and forget the goal is to design a truly great product. For over a decade we design engineers have enjoyed ever more capable, parametric CAD tools. Synchronous modeling is a quantum leap. It’s a tool that goes beyond the one size fits all strictly parametric approach. Suddenly you have the power and the freedom of modifying geometry without laboriously considering every single feature that was constructed before, and in many cases by someone else. Over the years I have seen skilled design engineers waste huge amounts of time wrestling to make sometimes minor changes to their parametric models that could have been made in minutes using synchronous modeling techniques. That said, I don’t advocate moving away from parametric modeling, in fact the overwhelming majority of synchronous modeling techniques are indeed driven by parameters too. However, I believe strongly, and based on countless hours of actual design experience, that the correct blend of traditional parametric techniques and synchronous modeling techniques delivers the optimum capability.

I still would like to see more tools that enable you to establish relationships between surfaces in the same way sketch constraints establish relationships between 2-D entities and are solved simultaneously. For example, the parallel surface command should maintain parallelism between surfaces even if you subsequently perform a move face on either of the surfaces. I’d also love to see more sophisticated ways of creating patterns on surfaces. But don’t get me started. I have an entire file cabinet of things that I’d like to see that I know would make the software far more powerful, I just don’t know if they’re possible.

About Siemens Marketing:

I too would love to see more young people know about NX and NX Cam. For what it’s worth, I think Unigraphics was a much more meaningful and memorable name. As great as the software is, it should get a lot more press than it gets. It never ceases to amaze me how many people, even folks who are non technical know about Solid Works, but they don’t realize that companies like Tesla Motors had to get rid of Solid Works because it couldn’t handle the job.
Community Manager
Sorry for the delay guys, I was out a few weeks.

Thanks Stephen for the detailed response and I know the NX team values your input. Keep the ideas coming!

Gary, thank you for your comment and advice. I appreciate it. Yes, I'm familiar with Jon. I also won't get involved in flame wars. But I will try to respond to legitimate questions when I can.