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Teamcenter Systems Engineering DoDAF Templates

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Getting in on the tail end of this session presented by Scott Kufro of Siemens Government Services, provided to be somewhat confusing but from what I could see it was a well attended session. I tried to follow along with the architecture as they went through the program and its properties. It seems that many had some questions and they look as thought they will have a few that want a demo of the system. I think I will try to stick with getting in on the early part of the session next time and not while they re going through schematics of how the system works. Department of Defense regulations are not really in my arsenal of understanding.

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The name of this module and the standard is misgiving. The Department of Defense, Ministry of Defense, nato, Australia and Canadaian defense industry have all adopted the DoDAF as an enterprise and system architecting standard. The MoD and NATO have extended the initial version of DoDAF with additional operational, systems, human and programmatic views of an architecture. DoDAF 2.0 due out in December emphisizes system modeling and data center architecting, not a document centric paradigm as requirement management tends to be.

This standard emerged to support the standardization of architectures for IT systems that were continuing to grow in complexity. However many recognized it’s adaptability to any system, even capability management and organizational management. There is a wide range of applications in the DoDAF, MoDAf and NATO programs that cover direct military systems as well as infrasturcure systems.

One could only hope our PLM Software Architects would use the standard and TcSE to develop Teamcenter. It would bring considerable benefit to the software design and quality improvement.

The DoDAF Module extends the Teamcenter System Engineering System Architect functions into the Enterprise Architecting domain and with the addition of the SPARX Systems Enterprise Architect makes this product a significant player in the systems engineering market with UML, SySML and BPMN modeling capabilities.

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really a very informative blog. I myself doing engineering in Electronics and Communication. I do feel this is very interesting. These template will really work.