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Teamcenter on iPad

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

Siemens PLM Software partner BCT  announced last month  iPDM  the first application to search, display and visualize Teamcenter data on the iPad. I visited their booth  at the PLM Connection 2010 here in Dallas, and their CEO Juergen Hillman gave me a demo of  Teamcenter on ipad. You can see it here in the video. I think it is very cool.

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It's possible to visualize the jt in IPad?
The possibles using the Ipad are incredible!
Nice! I'm thinking that an iPad the size of, umm, a drafting table (remember those?!) would give us a platform for interactive design. IE: be able to "reach in" and move parts and assemblies around.
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Very cool concept. Toke a lot of hard poking to make it work. I want to see that screen after a year of everyday use.