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The Future of Innovation From COFES

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"future of innovation"

I mentioned in my previous post - Reporting From COFES - that Brad Holtz connects new event attendees with veterans. My COFES mentor was Christian de Neef of Fast Track Consulting. Christian spoke on The Future of Innovation, highlight how companies need to become more open to innovate:

"Companies must understand the new rules of the game because yesterday's recipes for innovation won't work in tomorrow's world. We must stop seeing today's world through yesterday's paradigms; we must learn to open up to the outside world, to work in an environment where there is no clear boundary between partner and competitor."

Here is my video interview with Christian discussing some of the takeaways from his presentation.

If you're interested in hearing more from Christian, check out this audio recording from COFES Israel and his Future of Innovation slide deck on slideshare:

My favorite is slide 8 showing the integration of social technologies in open product development.

"future of innovation", "social media", "social product development"

What do you think? What will innovation look like in the future? What role will open social collaboration play in the mix?

- Dora
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Thank you for the reference, Dora. I have updated the original presentation on slideshare, which was from COFES Israel in December 2010, with an extended version, as used to accompany my talk at COFES 2011 last week (about 10 extra slides).

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Thanks Chris for sharing the latest presentation. I'll update the picture.