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The ‘Sixth Sense” Technology - Augmented Reality

Siemens Dreamer Siemens Dreamer
Siemens Dreamer

I mentioned about the "Sixth Sense" technology in the comment section of my previous blog. However, I think it too important to leave it into foot notes. It deserves its own blog.

One of the most exciting projects MIT’s Media lab is working on “Sixth Sense” project. The project objective is to augment reality. The Sixth sense technology blends physical reality and digital world in very creative, intuitive and compelling ways. The prototype of the "Sixth Sense" is a wearable, gesture-driven computing platform that can continually augment the physical world with digital information.

"All the work is in the software," says Dr Pattie Maes, head of the Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT, "The system is constantly trying to figure out what's around you, and what you're trying to do. It has to recognize the images you see, track your gestures, and then relate it all to relevant information at the same time."

The “Sixth Sense” will not make us throw away our laptops and smartphones. Probably not anytime soon. Will this change CAD or PLM user interaction? However, this could be a game changer. It is just matter of time before some Silicon Valley geniuses, like Steve Jobs, will package this technology into compelling consumer products that will change our lives!!!

If you haven’t seen the video I strongly recommend it you see it.

To read and see more pictures and video please visit

Siemens Experimenter

I really enjoyed the presentation. This will be a game changer in PLM area too. You can have conceptual designs and manufacturing tool path patterns from hand gestures.  The applications in PLM domain are limitless once this technology becomes a reality.



Siemens Dreamer

Thank you Murthy.

Yes…I agree its applications in PLM space could be huge. The important question when will the technology become viable, and what will take in the term of investment to integrate and fully leverage its full potential in PLM.