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Video interview: Dr. Wolfgang Schloegl on Automation Designer

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Community Manager

There are quite a few presenters tomorrow from groups inside Siemens but outside of PLM Software, including Dr. Wolfgang Schloegl.  Wolfgang will be giving that demo I am so excited to see tomorrow that will show the closed loop integration between conceptual factory down to the physical programming of individual controllers.  For anyone who has had to drive something from the idea phase to actual production will appreciate what we find out in this interview.

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Very nice video you have made in Digital Manufacturing (now DF- Digital Factory in Siemens). 

Dr. Wlfgang has another video publsihed on Siemens where he talks about Automation Designer at Hannover Fair


Adam Yu

Director, Digital Manufacturing

Asia-Pacific Marketing

Siemens PLM Software

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Great video and interview. I have made video of this interview live through digital cameras because at that time i was present there. Because i got job there as a assistance. That’s why i have this video and know about interview.