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Who says green doesn’t sell?

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At this point, I think almost no one, but its clear that Apple certainly does not. Of all the new speeds and feeds that Steve Jobs went through today (Genius looks really interesting, albeit perhaps borrowing generously from Pandora), the one part of his pitch that had nothing to do with the product itself, but rather how the product is made (thanks to engadget for the coverage):

Makes me wonder how quickly other manufacturers will start to talk more directly about their green manufacturing credentials to their customers as part of their marketing program. It wasn't too long ago that 'Quality was job 1' - how long until we see 'Recycling is job 1'?

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I love what Allan at wrote:

“And that means that we have to stop making crap. It’s really as simple as that. We are suffocating, drowning, and poisoning ourselves with the stuff we produce, abrading, out-gassing, and seeping into our air, our water, our land, our food—and basically those are the only things we have to look after before there’s no we in that sentence. It gets into our bodies, of course, and it certainly gets into our minds. And designers are feeding and feeding this cycle, helping to turn everyone and everything into either a consumer or a consumable. And when you think about it, this is kind of grotesque. “Consumer” isn’t a dirty word exactly, but it probably oughta be.”