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Why Dan Staples Became an Engineer

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Community Manager

Why did Dan Staples become an engineer?

“Tumbling shaded blocks!”

That’s what stole Dan’s heart and mind nearly 30 years ago and inspired him to become a software engineer. If he had not seen those blocks, he might have gone into patent law. His mechanical engineering degree from Rice University has provided a good base of knowledge for his career in computer graphics. And perhaps it was that early interest in patent law that helps him develop patented software. Here's my interview with Dan from Solid Edge University:

Dan notes one cool course in school was a semester spent in the machine shop where he learned to operate a lathe and machining centers as well as welding.

So if you have an interest in physics and tumbling shaded blocks, maybe consider software engineering. Dan calls it “highly addictive.”

That’s Dan’s story. What’s yours?

-        Dora