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Cloud computing has been around since 1996, or at least the term has, according to some sources (though its origins are still hotly debated). Over the
Daimler is now using NX CAD in all business units after successfully completing the largest CAD software migration ever. Today we look at the factors
Q&A Interview with Andreas Saar, Vice President - Manufacturing Engineering Solutions, Siemens PLM Software What is hybrid additive manufactu
CAE automation empowers your entire team to not only do more, but to do better as well. You can eliminate the simulation bottleneck that delays produc
Last week at Hannover Messe in Germany, India unleashed its lions on the city. India was the official partner country of the fair.Prime Minist
By Marcel Keinan M.Sc., Director of Product Management, Management Panel OperationsManufacturing Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software
Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) streamlines the product development process, allowing engineers to focus on designs that will differentiate yo
In this short video, “The Future Digital Factory,” Zvi Feuer, Siemens PLM Software’s Senior Vice President, Digital Factory, Manufacturing Engineering
An article by the Associated Press, “Robots replacing factory workers at a faster pace,” states that mechanical means of production are getting cheap
Siemens PLM Software has launched, Manufacturing 360, an engaging tablet app designed to let viewers explore the world of digital manufacturing while
Robert Meshel, Senior Strategist, Digital Factory, Manufacturing Engineering Software, Siemens PLM Software. By Zvi Feuer, Senior Vice President,
Simulation is critical to product development, and more companies are starting to sit up and take notice. You can lower costs, save time, and improve
Changing CAD systems is a huge undertaking for a company of Daimler’s magnitude. It’s not every day an OEM with more than 6,000 users migrates to a ne
“I want it, and I want it now!”You may have heard these words come out of your child’s mouth at one point or another, or perhaps your inner child
As 2014 comes to a close, take a moment to reflect on all the decisions you’ve made this year. The vast majority of them are small but some are undoub
A lot has been happening in the NX CAD and NX CAE communities in the past few weeks, and if you’ve missed it, now’s your chance to catch up on all the
Future Engineer SeriesAt the PACE Annual Forum, Team 7 competed with their Personal Assisted Mobility Device - the E7-Trike. Team 7 had student eng
Today we’re proud to announce the latest release of Siemens’ NX™ software, NX 10.We’ve made some exciting changes with this latest version of Siem
Manufacturing is alive and well in the west of England. With initiatives like the Greenpower challenge and quality apprenticeships the future looks go...
The most successful graduates are those that participate in real-world projects, competitions or internships in school. It’s why we’re committed to pr
Today, thanks to the Internet, even the phrase “in the blink of an eye” has nearly become obsolete, as we are able to type something into a search eng
Students at the PACE Annual Forum competed with Personal Assisted Mobility Devices. Siemens PLM interviews new engineer Orlando Velez who recently com... Theoto and Elcio Fiordelisio are future engineers at the University of São Paulo. They atten
Meet future engineer Arjun Ballal who attended the PACE Annual Forum, where he received NX training from PACE partner Siemens PLM Software.
Connect with other Siemens PLM Software users when you attend one of the free Regional Users Group (RUG) meetings held all over the U.S. over the next
Hybrid manufacturing, a new additive manufacturing process that combines metal deposition with CNC (computer numerical control) machining on a single
The Michigan Solar Car Team won the 2014 American Solar Challenge for the fifth time in a row, beating Minnesota by nearly four hours. Despite the wid...
There are exciting new posts about CAD and CAE added every week to the NX Design and NX Simulation communities. In case you missed the last two weeks,
Students at the PACE Annual Forum participated in the Personal Assisted Mobility Device competition. Dora Smith of Siemens PLM interviews future engin...
The NX Design and Simulation forums offers resources, news, tips and how-to’s from NX users just like you. It doesn’t cost anything to join, and you