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Beijing University of Chemical TechnologyOn a recent trip to China, I saw some dramatic shifts in the country from just six months prior. There is a g...
Google never ceases to inspire the world with their holiday animated doodles. Today for International Women’s Day, they ask women to share their big d...
Agricultural machinery design has benefited from many innovations - from the 3 point linkage invented in 1926 that is used on 85% of tractors today, t...
Make in India is a program initiated by India’s dynamic new Prime Minister Narendra Modi that aims to increase the level of investment and innovation ...
Our annual event for Solid Edge users in the UK returned to Silverstone this year. Around 250 Solid Edge users came together to network, find out abou
A story of first in flight from Daedalus to the Wright brothers
What are you working on? That is a question you might ask a few times a week when talking with colleagues who work in different departments, or after
Last week at Hannover Messe in Germany, India unleashed its lions on the city. India was the official partner country of the fair.Prime Minist
Siemens PLM Software joined AACC’s Workforce Development Institute to discuss unique academic-industry partnerships with community college leaders. To...
Last week – thanks to our friends at Principia College - I took my son to hear Apollo 13’s Captain James Lovell, Fred Haise and Mission Flight Control