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Siemens PLM Corporate Blog

OK, let's do this one more time. For the next 90 minutes, this entry will be updated live as the NX6 launch presentation progresses.8:45 AM Pa already did a quick summary post earlier of Huw's presentation, but I was able to talk with hi Behrens from Cambashi was kind enough to give us some of his quick reactions from the morning was able to talk to Ed Miller from CIMdata shortly after lunch to get his impressions of day 1. Cl
Chuck Grindstaff took the stage again, this time as a presenter rather than a host. He outlined the development themes that he uses to help guide our morning session was jam packed with lots of information. I was able to get with Dick Slansky fr
Huw Evans from Unilver gave the first live customer presentation (Index presented via video) and it was a great start for a couple reasons. For one,
OK, so it's not quite live from New York, but this is the first attempt at live blogging on the Siemens PLM Blog. The Velocity launch event is abo
The first of the product sessions started with Chuck Grindstaff, the products lead for Siemens PLM Software giving an overview of the Archimedes use c
Anton Huber, CEO of the Industry Automation division of Siemens started off the 2008 Siemens media and analyst forum after an introduction by Bill Car