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Announcing our new superuser program: Siemens PLM Gears! Check out this post for more information.

Siemens PLM Corporate Blog

There are certain things you will find around most engineers desks. They will have something for measuring. They will have something for building
Most of the sponsors at Solid Edge University have products that integrate with Solid Edge. As you may know, Solid Edge has an extensive API (applica
Nearly five years ago when I was researching this thing called "social media", I came across a Solid Edge network on Ning for students at
Hello Friends :-)My name is Abhijit Dastidar, and it is my pleasure to join the Siemens PLM Software blog team. Thanks to Susan for introducing me
When I asked our sponsors about using lasers in their product, I didn’t actually expect anyone to say “yes”. I’m clearly spending too much time wit
Guest Blog Post by Dave Chadwick, Global Marketing Manager, data management components of the Velocity Series for Siemens PLM Software. See bottom of
In this blog post, I’d like to introduce you to the standard NX interface.In standard display, the menus and toolbars are positioned at the top of of you have told me that I have got to see the quality parts coming from Objet 3D printers. We
Is it with great pleasure that we welcome our newest member of the Siemens PLM Blog Squad, Abhijit Dastidar.Abhijit is currently a marketing
Actually make that CURRENT engineer. Michael just graduated from Auburn University with a bachelor’s of science in mechanical engineering, with mi