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Siemens PLM Corporate Blog

I've been spotlighting future engineers to show you some of the great work student engineers are doing. At PLM Connection, surrounded by 1,800 fol
Femap allows a lot of control of the appearance of the user interface, and lets you specify the desired layout of windows, panes as well as the view a
Meet Tom Lockwood, a student engineer turned real-life engineer through AESSEAL's pioneering apprentice program. Young engineers like Tom in i
If there is ever a robot uprising, it will start at MakerFaire.
This is the first in a new series of “How To” videos that demonstrate some of the more advanced FEA modeling functionality accessible through Femap.
Composite Material, or composites for short, first use dates back to the 1500s B.C. when early Egyptians and Mesopotamian settlers used a mixture of m
Those are Kevin Devine's hands showing a tool changer rack his students designed. Kevin, an associate professor at Illinois State University,>Last weekend, I headed out to Phoenix and Local Motors for a special event with the Tacoma World tr
In my last post, I gave an overview of Siemens' participation in EVS26.EVS26 was a conference and exhibit event for electric vehicles and the
Joe Vanstrom says his job as program chair and industrial technology instructor is "a dream come true." The 6'6" former Iowa State off