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Siemens PLM Corporate Blog

Of course will be better! I'll have a video interview with Cory Goulden, one of the beta testers for Solid Edge with Synchronous Technolo
Dr. Oliver Reidel from Audi group responsible for Volkswagen's PLM strategy started things off with a great video showing two R8's racing each
Teamcenter 2007 was launched at the end of 2007 and has continued the market leadership that was established years ago. Bill Boswell started with a b
Martin Rudnicki, the corporate PLM Manager from Renishaw started the morning off with a talk on how they have built their business through a strong PL
OK, let's do this one more time. For the next 90 minutes, this entry will be updated live as the NX6 launch presentation progresses.8:45 AM Pa already did a quick summary post earlier of Huw's presentation, but I was able to talk with hi Behrens from Cambashi was kind enough to give us some of his quick reactions from the morning was able to talk to Ed Miller from CIMdata shortly after lunch to get his impressions of day 1. Cl
Chuck Grindstaff took the stage again, this time as a presenter rather than a host. He outlined the development themes that he uses to help guide our morning session was jam packed with lots of information. I was able to get with Dick Slansky fr
Huw Evans from Unilver gave the first live customer presentation (Index presented via video) and it was a great start for a couple reasons. For one,
OK, so it's not quite live from New York, but this is the first attempt at live blogging on the Siemens PLM Blog. The Velocity launch event is abo
The first of the product sessions started with Chuck Grindstaff, the products lead for Siemens PLM Software giving an overview of the Archimedes use c
Anton Huber, CEO of the Industry Automation division of Siemens started off the 2008 Siemens media and analyst forum after an introduction by Bill Car
The famous saying goes that necessity is the mother of invention, but I've always felt that experimentation is the father. We are trying lots of last interview for today was with Bruce Boes. Bruce runs marketing for the velocity portfolio a tracked down Michael Weyrich for this interview clip. Michael works on the CAM/CNC integration pr are quite a few presenters tomorrow from groups inside Siemens but outside of PLM Software, in's not all marketing folks at the analyst event. For this interview I was able to get some ti it turns out the first person I was able to grab for a quick video interview was the man behind
Although this blog launched a few weeks too late to participate in the discussion the week that Synchronous Technology was announced at Hannover Fair,
I got to the Hotel Intercontinental in Boston a few hours ago and things are already coming together. The control room is in full swing: printing bad
I thought I’d check in today and introduce myself. My name’s John Hilbert and I'll be posting as "Hilby". I work in the Partner Program O
I am getting ready to head up tomorrow to Boston for the rest of the week for our analyst event. As I wrote up on Thursday there will be no shortage
I'm an engineer working in product planning... which means I don't work in marketing or sales.Think about that. There is an unwritten rule a
As I mentioned in my first post, next week I pack up and head to Boston for our annual media and analyst event. I have been to almost every one we ha of the first 'Siemens' memories I have was last year when I got the chance to go to Hann
Via IFTF: "n international group of leading technological thinkers were asked to identify the Grand Challenges for Engineering in the 21st Cen
As I mentioned previously, next week is our annual analyst and media event. This is the event where we give all with those that closely follow us and
This post is one I have had in the queue for a little while longer than normal. It was a little more than a year ago that we first got approval to la