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Announcing the availability of Femap 11.4

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

We’re very pleased to announce that Femap version 11.4 has now been released to manufacture, which means it’s also available for download from the GTAC support site accessible with your webkey. Femap 11.4 includes various enhancements that touch areas of preprocessing, meshing, charting, visualization, and solver support.

To find out more about this release you can visit the Femap 11.4 What’s New page.

View the Femap 11.4 what’s new presentation on Slideshare.



Some new fuctions and capabiliies are valuable and helpful .However 1D element  and 2D element in femap is discontiunious in deformed view. Regarding the function, femap group team may can improve and enahance.


                                                                                    Thanks for your new features

                                                                                      June 8th 2017


I think that femap shoud impove and enhance functions in view of Von-Mises stress of beam and bar element.  This is beam Mises stress in ansys.



Community Manager

Femap can calculate von-Mises stresses for beam/bar cross-sections - look at the following video.



I kown this function, but Von-Mises stresses for Beam/Bar cross sections only show one cross section or more of cross sections. If you would like to show the Von-Mises stresses for whole Beam/ Bar model, Femap can't achieve it. Femap only caculate the bending stresses or recovery point stresses for Beam/Bar elements. In other finite elemnet waresofts,for example ansys, abaqus etc, you can view the Von-Mises stresses for whole Bar/Beam elements.