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Femap 11.4.2: Thermal and Flow Solver Parallel Processing Enhancements

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Community Manager

The latest version of Femap is 11.4.2 and it contains a number of updates to the thermal and flow capabilities, including enhancements to the parallel processing capability for the thermal and flow solvers. Parallel processing has now been extended to the entire solution sequence for thermal and flow analyses. Solver distributed memory parallelization (DMP) extends to both CPU and RAM separately, and you can execute up to eight processors with the advanced thermal and flow modules.




See how to take advantage of parallel processing and watch the thermal and flow coupling with parallel processing video. Find out more about Femap 11.4.2 from the What’s New website.


Hi, is that the application of TMG module, as in NX?


By the way, will ultimately SIMCENTER and FEMAP be mixed into one product, like Model Simulation of Ideas disappeared into NX Advanced Simulation?

And why did you create an "out of NX" SIMCENTER? So that it would be CAD independent, like FEMAP?


best regards,


Community Manager

Hi Cyril,


The thermal and flow capabilities (TMG modules) in the Femap product line and Simcenter 3D are both developed by the Siemens PLM technology partner MAYA HTT. In general the functionality is similar but there are some differences in the advanced capabilities between the two solutions and the user interface.


Femap is a part of the Simcenter portfolio and employs more mesh-centric simulation workflows as opposed to the more CAD-centric workflows of Simcenter 3D. The two products complement one another and there are no plans to merge one into the other.


Best regards,

Al Robertson

Hi Al, thank you for the info. best regards,

Dear @AlRobertson


I know it is not exactly the right forum, but is the 8 parallel processors use in Advanced Thermal and Flow still "free of charge" to this date?

My collegue seems to be unable to use more than one processor, in NX 11 with a Simcenter Thermal/Flow solution.

He seems to get a "not licenced product" when he checks the multiple thread thermal solve with 8 threads.


Have the "free up to 8" policies been modified?


best regards,