Fiat relies on LMS NVH solutions to stay on top

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For car lovers, there is magical potential in the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) merger. Fuel-efficient, urban-friendly Italian beauties that inspire a passion for driving like the Fiat® 500 and Alfa Romeo 4C join forces with redesigned classics like the Jeep® Cherokee which was an instant hit in the USA, hitting the number 2 spot in the American D-SUV segment in 2014.


Fiat2.PNGBut what happens behind the scenes when two automotive giants like Fiat and Chrysler merge? What do you do with all that research and development knowledge when one company is specialized in small, stylish and fuel-efficient and the other is known more for its pure power and rugged good looks?


We were able to swing down to Turin, Italy a couple of months before the merger and talk with Roberto Mangiantini, NVH manager for Vehicle Concepts and Integration in R&D – EMEA Product Development. He spoke to us about how FCA harvested a unique opportunity to merge competencies like testing procedures, virtual and experimental tools, target-setting and deployment processes.


Read the complete case study to get more info about FCA’s improved NVH best practices and how Roberto Mangiantini and his team brought best-in-class competencies to the international playing field with the help of LMS Testing Solutions