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Interior and exterior pass-by noise (PBN) testing covered

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Siemens Visionary

Pass-by noise certification is a standard procedure required for all types of road vehicles, be it trucks, motorcycles or passenger cars, to prove compliance with established ISO standards. It is the aim of every OEM to have a final vehicle prototype pass the test successfully.

To help them achieve this target, Siemens PLM Software designed a set of PBN engineering solutions including all necessary hardware and software for exterior and interior pass-by noise testing and analysis, calibration and maintenance. With all these at hand, setting PBN targets, predicting PBN levels in the early design phase, assessing the contribution of individ­ual noise contributors and conducting the final approval test becomes an easy process.PBN blog 3.jpg

Automotive engineering teams are focused on effectively reducing overall noise levels. This implies having a closer look at individual parts that contribute to pass-by noise, such as engines, exhaust or tyres. And for a thorough investigation, they need innovative tools and techniques to rely on in order to develop the best possible techniques to identify the noise sources and eventually correct them.

LMS SCADAS data acquisition system and LMS Test.Lab software with integrated processing, analysis and reporting are completed by driver guidance to enable tests to be run correctly right from the beginning and maximize the number of valid PBN runs. The ability to perform simulation early in the development process is certainly a plus and one of the strengths of the Simcenter portfolio in which PBN testing solutions are included.

PBN blog 4.jpgDo you want to know more about the challenges of PBN testing and the dedicated Simcenter solutions? Take a look at our latest PBN brochure.