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LMS Testing Solutions rank high in customers' preferences

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

PBN track.jpgLegislators are campaigning more and more aggressively towards establishing lower exterior noise emissions for vehicles in an effort to create a better, quieter and healthier living environment. A demand for the pass-by noise to achieve 68dB by 2024 is the most recent example. Meanwhile, OEMs are all focused on creating fuel-efficient, lighter vehicles that are at the same time stylish and silent on the inside. Inevitably, this puts some pressure on the tire industry too. 

 New requirements and a real, solid demand from customers create a need for flexible and adapted automotive testing solutions. All these trigger a growing necessity to run tests. In order to reduce the noise caused by tires, for instance, you have to conduct measurements in-room and outdoors in the real environment. The purpose is to eventually correlate the internal noise as measured in a semi-anechoic chamber to the external noise as per ECE R117 and for this, raising the quality of the pass-by noise data is and will continue to be high on the OEMs' agenda. 

We are pleased to receive appreciations for our efforts to provide the best solutions at all times. In the incessantly evolving landscape that makes the auto world, our users rely on and recommend the LMS Pass-by Noise Testing combined with the LMS Sound Source Localization tools. Sometimes, we don’t need to speak, just listen: 

“We are using an acoustic array at the pass-by site involving up to 32 microphones. The detail and data is getting better all the time. We’re working with Siemens LMS and there’s a lot of potential,” says Ravi Bal – Principal Engineer, Vehicle Measurement Group at Millbrook Proving Ground.

We selected for you an article in the Tire Technology International that presents some of the modern noise emissions challenges and how they are best addressed by heavy-weight automotive professionals. Find it right here.