LMS Testing Solutions showcased @Auto Testing Expo 2016

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

A “toy car” - or so it seemed - instrumented with our LMS Testing Solutions. This year at Automotive Testing Expo, we tried to make the most of our presence in Stuttgart, Germany and interact even more with our customers and visitors at the booth. So we created a fun and accessible environment to display and explain our full range of LMS testing products from Siemens PLM Software - and show what they factually do.  

rsz_20160602_152411.jpgThe team joining forces for a successful Siemens eventThe kit car attracted a large crowd and made it easy for our experts to set their knowledge in motion and guide the passers-by through the exhibited products. It created exactly the visibility we wanted in the context of an automotive show and turned out to be the ideal set-up for the complex LMS Testing portfolio. 

Gert Frans had the courtesy to give an interview to the Automotive Testing Expo crew. Here he is, talking about durability testing, acoustics, powertrain, LMS SCADAS data acquisition system, Transfer Path Analysis (TPA) and the variety of applications that we are able to cover. 



Thank you to Automotive Testing International who made room for us on their website too