Let’s make things tougher: fundamentals of durability

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Do you know what functional performance engineering is all about? It aims at designing a product that is more energy-efficient, more ergonomic, more pleasant or more durable. Ideally, a perfect design balances all, and more, of these performance attributes to create the best possible product.


It is both crucial and complex to weight and compare all different performance attributes and make sure that none is optimized at the expense of another. In other words, you don’t want to find out that the new, ultra-light material, that was used to reduce the weight of an innovative machine and thus optimize its energy-efficiency, breaks after few days or weeks of regular machine operation.


Let’s make things tougher: a large steel plate or a thicker beam should do the trick. Or maybe not? Overdesigning is not the answer. Not only will it jeopardize the performance of other important product aspects, it might even leave the reliability issue unsolved. What you need is to understand the behavior of your design with regards to fatigue, and optimize its lifetime accordingly.


Not familiar with the engineering concepts of durability, reliability, and fatigue?


Watch the on-demand Introduction to the fundamentals durability engineering webinar today and learn all about:

  • What is durability?
  • What is fatigue?
  • What is an S-N curve?
  • Which parameters influence fatigue?
  • How to design against fatigue?

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