Move Beyond CFD Analysis With Integrated Vibro-Acoustics


Now you can move beyond CFD analysis to focus on acoustics with new capabilities in NX CAE 10. The end-to-end vibro-acoustics workflow supported by these capabilities is “like a new physics environment in NX,” says Easwaran, NX CAE Product Management Support. 

 Not just CFD Analysis - NX CAE 10 Integrated VibroAcoustics.jpg

So, just what capabilities have we added? With NX CAE 10, you can now:

  • Use mesh to create fluid cavity – No geometry needed
  • Import loads from test data and apply to model
  • Get panel contribution results

You can use these capabilities for acoustics analysis across a variety of applications and industries: Architectural acoustics, loudspeaker design, and of course, automotive and aerospace.


Get more details on these new functionalities and how they enable you to use a vibro-acoustics workflow in NX CAE 10 when you watch the video interview with Easwaran and Sairam.


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Very cool stuff!  The title of the video says "NX CAE 10mp4". mp1 is the only one available off GTAC's website, how far are we from mp4 release?




Thanks for your comment! mp4 is actually the video file format, not the release version Smiley Happy So the one available on GTAC should be up to date.


I will see if I can edit the video to remove mp4 from the title. 




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"LOL" as the kids say!  Sorry, for the confusion I should have read ".mp4" not mp4

Thanks for the clarification  Smiley Very Happy