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New Free Femap Student Edition Software Package Available

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Community Manager

A new free Femap download is now available for students to help with their studies, and it’s the same as the advanced simulation solution that’s used in industry. The use of engineering simulation in industry is growing, driven by the need to shorten design cycles and improve designs, and so simulation software is playing an increasingly important role at universities. The Femap Student Edition includes Femap together with NX Nastran to provide a complete simulation solution that will help prepare students to enter the workforce and stand out in today’s highly competitive economy.


RIT_03_500x-.jpgComposite steering support structure of the Rochester Institute of Technology race car analyzed using Femap

Read the factsheet to find out more about the Femap Student Edition.

Download the Femap Student Edition here.


Solution Partner Valued Contributor

I've sent this info to our academic partners in Portugal, but when they select "Portugal" in the "Country" field, it rolls back to "United States". I've tried the Portuguese-Brazilian version, but it rolls back to "Brazil" in that field. We had access to FEMAP before so, either the policy changed or there is a problem with the registration form. Please check this.

Siemens Enthusiast

Hi @Cadflow - I tested the form and it seems to work for me. Did you try using a different browser? Please tell me what browser(s) you have used and I'll send this to our team for further testing. Thank you very much for bringin this to our attention.

Solution Partner Valued Contributor

Hello @Tesla1031, I've tried with Mozilla Firefox Quantum (58.0.2 64bit) and it rolls back to "United States", but then I tried with Opera and it worked. It may be some setting at browser level or some misconfiguration at the page.


Thank you


Yes, same thing happened to me with Chrome.

I was able do download with Internet explorer.


I am an Assistant Professor, so officially not a student. Do you provide free academic licenses that I could use?