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Optimize energy strategy for hybrid vehicles with Simcenter Amesim

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[TECH TIPS VIDEO] - Optimize energy strategy for hybrid vehicle with Simcenter Amesim

In the context of the launch of LMS Imagine.Lab 15, we've created a set of “how to” movies, aiming at introducing you with our latest capabilities. These short, step-by-step video tutorials, created together with our engineering team, will make you discover how you can use it, and for which purpose.

Watch this video on hybrid vehicles.  You will learn how hybrid optimization tool (HOT) will help you test the energy consumption for different architectures of a new technology or a new sub-system, on a large vehicle panel and on different driving cycles.



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Is the HOT (hybrid optimization tool) python program adjustable for different drive train setups and input variables? As in, can I adjust it to work for a ship or plain for example?


Kind regards,



Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Joost,

The code and algorithm cannot be modified by external scripting. You will have to adapt your project to the existing tool.

Then, there are over 100 different setup in HOT. You should be able to find an equivalent architecture. It is not shown in the video but the gearbox can be moved to any "yellow triangle" in the architecture step, using the "gearbox position" combobox.

Untitled.pngArchitecture stepThe same process is available for epicycloidal train where you can decide to which axle the planet gear, the satelite gear or the sun gear are connected to.

So this, I think, answer to your first question.


Then, regarding the "vehicle" model, it was designed for hybrid cars. So it is not suited for ships or planes.

If you look at DRVVEH4A documentation in Amesim, all the equations to compute the resistive forces, the mechanical balance, the vehicle characteristics, or the driving forces are written.

Maybe you can adapt your plane or ship model to this one with a more complex parameter setting.

It is not ideal, but for now, it is the only solution that came to mind.

If in the future, we have more demands, then we will try to enhanced the tool.






Hello Thomas,


Thank you very much for your reply. It is a pity the HOT tool is not adaptable for other industries than the automotive. I hope that future versions could encorporate this. Do you think it would be possible to make a (less advanced) interface than the one provided, coupled with calculations in AMESim? And which software would be best to use to design such tool in combination with AMESim?


Kind regards,



Siemens Valued Contributor

Hello Joost,


I understand your point of view but we had to start somewhere.

We have many ideas to enhanced this tool and as I said, if HOT generates interest, we will improve it.

But as you can imagine, if we go toward aeronautical domain, we should consider more degree of freedom like the flight plan, the altitude and so on.

Regarding you second question, you have different solutions to create a tool. Either use Python or Matlab. For both environnements, there is an API which will allow you to configure an Amesim sketch, launch simulation and recover results.

If you look at the Combustion fitting tool CFM (AMEHelp link: qthelp://lmsimagine.lab/ame_dir/libeng/doc/html/utils/combustion_tool_cfm.html), in IFP-Engine, you have an advanced tool of what we can do using standard Amesim API. In this exemple, we change parameters in an Amesim sketch, launch the simulation and plot results. We can also use some optimization algorithms to optimize parameter settings.2016_12_13_15_09_06_Combustion_tool_C_AMETest_Combustion_Tools_Rev15_CFM_BMF_WIEBE_Data_Tool_CFM_.pngCombustion tool

2016_12_13_15_15_53_Combustion_tool_Simulation_results.pngOptimization resultsReagrding the tool design, in Python, you have also 2 options:

  1. use Amesim App designer2016_12_13_15_17_39_ice_combustion_tool_3_App_1_.pngApp Designer
  2. use text editor to create Python scripts

We use Pyside for graphical library in Python.

For Matlab, you can use the command "GUIDE" to create the GUI and then create some methods linking buttons and Amesim API.


I hope I was clear enough.


Best regards,