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Our customers in focus: Homag talks about Simcenter Testing Solutions

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

To build one big, seamless jigsaw puzzle, all pieces must fit together nicely. All must have the perfect cut to blend together effortlessly, in harmony. The same can be considered for a piece of furniture. To set up  that TV table for your living room or a desk for your office, all wood panels must have that flawless shape and size that allow the whole to be assembled intuitively. And to achieve the ideal cut, one needs reliable, exceptional quality milling machines which do not miss their target.


But when speed is increased for higher productivity, vibrations can occur, disrupting the smooth cutting process. Homag AG, one of our customers based in Germany, supplying machinery and equipment for wood processing worldwide, decided to turn to our testing solutions to understand and correct speed-generated vibrations issues.

The journey begins with identifying the faulty component, but getting to the bottom of it is easier said than done. What exactly is it that affects the dynamic of the complex structure of a milling machine?


Siemens PLM Software developed a particularly suited technique to answer such questions – the source-transfer-receiver methodology. For industrial machinery and customers such as Homag, this was the best solution to find out how certain components transfer energy from source to receiver. This type of modal analysis is essential  in the prototype testing phase. Homag therefore chose to do impact testing with the LMS Test.Lab software and collect the necessary data with the LMS SCADAS Mobile hardware, both included in the Simcenter portfolio.

Embracing the future, Homag appreciates that the modal testing and analysis supported by Simcenter Testing Solutions are extremely valuable as they allow for early identification of vibration root causes straight from the design stage, leading to reduced costs and increased productivity.

How did we help Homag improve the quality of their machines and shorten the loop between testing and simulation? Read the whole story on our website