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Our customers speak: Agfa Graphics

Siemens Visionary Siemens Visionary
Siemens Visionary

We take pride in offering LMS Testing Solutions that address a wide variety of industries and applications. From Protezione Civile - which uses LMS SCADAS XS to predict the resistance of key buildings in case of earthquakes -  we now turn to Agfa Graphics. Fuelling one-fourth of the printing industry with prepress technology, Agfa Graphics uses the same portable hardware to detect vibrations of printing plates in the production line and for vibration troubleshooting.

Agfa_LMS_Testing_Solutions_01.pngLMS SCADAS XS helps Agfa Graphics solve some of the most common difficulties that companies with manufacturing facilities spread all around the world encounter: securing global assistance while respecting tight deadlines. One of the biggest advantages that LMS SCADAS XS offers is that it can be shipped anytime, anywhere and used by literally anyone thanks to a pre-set template which is easy to use. The data can thus be recorded and sent to different corners of the world for analysis.

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