Planar Titanium Stent Design using NX Simulation

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Shannon Gott, a PhD student at Bourns College of Engineering at University of California Riverside and Andrew Jabola from Siemens Partner Saratech explain Shannon's project about how to develop and refine titanium micromachining techniques to create nanopatterned titanium stents.


Today, stents have many problems for heart disease patients including damage artery wall lining which resulst in smooth muscle build up and blood clotting. Shannon set out to correct those issues using NX Simulation (8.5) and NX Nastran for a rationally-designed surface. A link to their presentation from the 2013 NX CAE Symposium is included in the article.



View the presentation and animations from the 2013 NX CAE Symposium in the NX Simulation Knowledge Base.


I saw this excellent presentation at the just-concluded Siemens PLM NX CAE Symposium* in Cincinnati. I've spent most of my 40+ year career is some aspect of finite element analysis and I also had 2 stents put in about a month ago, so it was really personally fulfilling to see FEA applied to stent research.


*PS: I also presented on "The Mechatronic Convergence." If you'd like a copy of the presentation, e-mail me at

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Hi @DennisNagy - Great to see you at the event. I have your presentation from Chaks. If you are ok with it, I would like to post it here in the knowledge base via Slideshare. I can make sure you get credit for it. Just let me know and thanks again for presenting at #NXCAE13, great talk!