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Preserving ancient sites through modal analysis tests

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Siemens Visionary

Collaboration is key in moving things forward and achieving success. This is why we work closely with our customers to find the most adapted solutions. ESSEBI Srl Measurement and Monitoring Services conducted a survey together with Siemens PLM Software to accurately measure and monitor the actual state of an important construction dating back to the Etruscan period: the Badia Bridge in the Vulci archaeological park.

It is not often than one gets to investigate a monument which crossed centuries (and this bridge is believed to have been built prior to the Roman Period).


The bridge has already been subjected to structural consolidation following a severe flood in 2012 but its age and setting in an earthquake-sensitive area makes it obviously fragile and worthy of close monitoring. For all this, extreme care, expert hands and proficient tools are required.

The ESSEBI team used LMS SCADAS hardware and LMS Test.Lab Operational Modal Analysis software to define the modal parameters as accurately as possible. This has tremendous value to make useful comparisons in years to come with regard to the state of conservation and the maintenance of the bridge’s structural integrity.

The investigation was carried out using operational modal analysis with the purpose to dynamically characterize the bridge in terms of natural frequencies, damping and mode shapes. The wind was used as source of dynamic excitation to execute measurements.

We take great pride in creating visibility on research results and spreading knowledge that helps people and industries evolve. ESSEBI worked with Siemens to prepare a white paper which we encourage you to read and share. This joint work represents the final report of dynamic investigations. It aims to increase knowledge about the artifact and supports structural finite element modelling for future validation. Engineers are thus able to compare data and conduct regular monitoring to check the state of conservation of this important site. Read the pdf attached.