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SDC Verifier with Simcenter 3D Helps Ensure Your FE models Meet Industry Standards

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How can you ensure that your FE analysis can meet industry standards?

The essence of finite element analysis is to ensure that your product will perform as you intended it to. But most product design requirements doesn't just come out of thin air, rather manufacturers design products for specific industries and to meet stringent industry standards.  SDC Verifier with Simcenter 3D can help you meet those. 


Member checks.jpgSome of the checks available with SDC Verifier in Simcenter 3D 


SDC_Verifier-logo.jpgSiemens PLM Solution Partner







 Next week at the NAFEMS World Congress in Stockholm, SDC Verifier is going to give a sneak preview of their software solution within Simcenter 3D.


 With SDC Verifier the Simcenter 3D user can directly check their FEA models according according to different standards and setup and generate extensive word and pdf reports.

SDC_Verifier-pdfs.jpgPdf reports generated with SDC Verifier in Simcenter 3D


 SDC Verifier has ready-to-use standards such as: Eurocode 3, AISC 360 / 10, F.E.M. 1.001, API RP 2A, ABS 2004 and 2014, DNV 1995 and 2010, ISO 19902, Norsok N0004, and also offers the possibility to create a custom-built set of checks.
SDC_Verifier-standards.jpgSome of the standards supported by SDC Verifier


If you are looking to automate all possible routine post-processing work as reporting and speed up the verification process SDC Verifier is something for you.

With SDC Verifier in Simcenter 3D you can set up the full simulation workflow including creating loads & boundary conditions, setting up checks and and generate the report output once. After a model update it is only necessary to press the generate report button to get a completely updated calculation and verification report.

SDC_Verifier-generate.jpgAutomatic generation of standard reports














So no more excel import/output and you will be able to amaze your customers with quick turnaround to last minute design changes even if this is shortly before project deadlines.


If you want to know more please visit SDC Verifier and you will see more demonstrations right here of this add-on capability to Simcenter 3D in the coming weeks.