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TsAGI develops the more electric aircraft

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Siemens Visionary

Evgeniy Erofeev, engineer in the flight dynamics department at TsAGI, explains how Simcenter Amesim and Simcenter Engineering help design more reliable and energy-efficient electric actuators.  



"TsAGI is involved in all types of aerospace projects. Before taking off, any Russian aircraft must obtain certification from our institute. TsAGI is the main authority in regards to aircraft engineering in Russia."


"The main topic we are currently working on is the more electric aircraft. This idea appeared a long time ago. It consists of removing all energy systems except for the electric one and using electric energy to feed the aircraft systems, including the actuation system. It implies the use of electric actuators. Designing the more electric aircraft is a main prerogative in our department. I am part of this project. It will help improve not only aircraft operations, but also increase reliability and flight safety, and reduce fuel consumption by the making aircraft more environmentally friendly."


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